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Ancient skincare secret revealed!

Ancient skincare secret revealed!

Why everyone is obsessing over the Hammam ritual.

The AFTERGLOVE is derived from an ancient beauty ritual that originates deep within the laneways of Istanbul. 
Lose yourself amongst the slabs of variegated marble and towering ceilings as you stumble into one of the historic Turkish bathing houses. The cool echoes of the building’s structure are softened by the moist haze pouring out of the steam rooms. 
The Hammam is a safe and tranquil place where the Turkish women of ancient years would gather to discuss momentary matters. Popularized around 600 CE, the spaces were also home to some of the most prestigious celebrations including births and weddings.
“...massage away the dry skin cells from your body, reinvigorating your skin…”
Upon entering the bath house, you will be escorted to a private spa room where you will experience a deep exfoliation like no other. This will be performed by a tellak (staff member) who will massage away the dry skin cells from your body, reinvigorating your skin using a traditional kese mitt. 
This age-old bathing tool is handcrafted from pure silk and finely woven using an intricate Turkish technique perfected over centuries. 
The fabric swells when submerged in water to create a grip-like surface whilst gliding over your body. This process is what enables the AFTERGLOVE to provide instant and effective results, including: 
  • Smoothing dry skin
  • Removing fake tan 
  • Fading scarring and pigmentation
  • Reduces the appearance of blackheads
And so much more.
“It is a transformative experience of the mind and body…”
The Hammam challenges the modern day concept of a rushed and mundane everyday skincare routine, as it highlights the need for an alternative ritualistic approach. It is a transformative experience of the mind and body that should be nurtured and respected within all bathrooms across the globe.
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