Crystal Bath Therapy: What are the Benefits

Crystal Bath Therapy: What are the Benefits

Bathing with crystals is one of the most powerful, but also most relaxing, ways to absorb the energy of your natural stones. Water, humans, and crystals are all great conductors, so it makes sense that combining the three will supercharge your intentions.
This is why crystal bath therapy is becoming so popular right now.

Just like planet Earth, humans are made up of 70% water. The molecular structure of water is crystalline, so if you want to get technical about it, we are 70% crystal! You could view crystal bath therapy as a macro-scale crystal grid through this lens, with you being one of the fundamental parts.

The benefits of crystal bath therapy

So how does crystal bath therapy actually benefit you? What do you get from it that’s tangible? 

Quite frankly, bathing with crystals is like conducting your own spa treatment. It’s a message for your mind, body, and soul, especially if you sprinkle a little something extra in the water. You can add your favorite Afterglow bath salts in combination with the matching bath oil. 

It helps to protect your energy but also strengthens and softens your skin.



If you want to enhance the mood, ensure the lights are dimmed before you begin and light a few candles. It’s best if the candles are scented. You could use incense if you prefer. 

 Still not satisfied with your home-made spa treatment?

Use a tuner to set the water’s frequency and take your crystal bath therapy to new heights. Due to its crystalline nature, water is easily programmable. Use this to your advantage and create an unrivaled aura of relaxation. 528Hz is the frequency of love, and bathing in this water with your crystal will empower you to absorb the positive energy into every fiber of your body.

Whether you choose to follow any of the above suggestions or not, soaking in the water with your crystals for 15-20 minutes will help you connect with them on a much deeper level. You may feel your chakras buzzing a little bit. It’s their way of letting you know that they’re ready to open, as this is the perfect time to set an intention.

Ensure your mind is free from the worries and stresses of daily life, and then relax into your crystal bath. Think of the one thing you want to achieve or manifest and picture it as clearly as you can. Be concise and specific and use this time to truly experience the emotions associated with whatever it is you want. This state can be life-changing.




How to create a crystal bath

Want to reap the rewards of crystal bath therapy for yourself? Follow these short and simple guidelines for how to create a crystal bath. Apply your intuition where you feel it’s needed for maximum personal benefit.

  1. Choose your crystals: You can use our Crystal bundles.
  2. Prepare the bath: Run the water and get the candles, Bath salts, and bath oil ready.
  3. Enter and relax: Get in there with your crystals and soak for 15-20 minutes. 
  4. Set an intention: Use this time to focus on your goals, ambitions, and intentions.


Simple, right? 

You can use affirmations in your crystal bath if that sounds like something that would appeal to you. Take a look at the following suggestions and pick the one that calls out to you. Of course, you could also create your own.


  • Self-Development: I strive to be better than yesterday.
  • Self-Love: I am worthy of love and compassion.
  • Confidence: I radiate strength, courage, and confidence.
  • Creativity: I am in touch with my artistic self.
  • Happiness: I have so much to be grateful for.
  • Ambition: I can achieve anything I set my mind to.
  • Mindfulness: I am aware of the present moment.
  • Protection: My energy is safe and secure.

    Enjoy your Afterglow crystal bath.



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