What Are Shower Steamers?

What Are Shower Steamers?

Ever wonder what shower steamers are?

Well, I can tell you that not all shower steamers are created equal. 

As a small-batch manufacturer of artisan shower products, we produce plant-based bath and body products that are formulated with premium, sustainably sourced ingredients that you can feel good about using.

The shower steam tablet is a sensory experience created with menthol and essential oils offering users an easy and accessible way of integrating aromatherapy into their daily shower routine. 

Our menthol shower steamer were created in response to something a number of our customers expressed early on in our journey. They would look at our bath salts and say, “ They smell great! They’re so beautiful! Too bad I don’t have a bath or time to take a bath .”

Again and again we would hear that and it got our wheels turning. 

We set out to create a product that could provide that same feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation without the hassle of needing to clean out the bath tub whenever they were done. Something that could be used every day if you wanted, without adding any additional burden to an already tight schedule.

The Afterglow shower steam collection offers an array of aromatic blends to get the day started off on the right foot. Every steamer is packed with cooling menthol crystals in addition to a scent meant to provide its own unique sensory experience.

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